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W.G. -CA

"Her capacity to see, feel, and capture the unique beauty of her subject matter is what makes her work extraordinary.  When I saw one portrait she had done of someone else, I was able to witness this remarkable talent.

My wife and I have never had anyone paint our portraits before but I couldn’t resist. After we met just once, I gave her a photograph of us to paint from.  Nothing else.  It is now hanging in our home and every time I walk by it, I smile and it warms my heart...She just completed a series of 4 of my wife... I love them as does my wife who usually does not love pictures of herself.

I was telling my good friend on the east coast about my new found talent and he asked me if she did dog portraits.  Genevieve said she could…and she did. From a photograph once again. My friend, after receiving the portrait, said 'she nailed it'."


“I cannot tell you how happy we were with the oil Gen painted of our two angels, now in heaven, Tuffy and Flowerbelle. After losing our 1st angel 7 years ago and then our 2nd three 3 years later, we were absolutely devastated. The 2 had replaced our children, now grown and the grief with each was almost unbearable. The likeness is so that it almost looks like a photo. But the most beautiful part of the painting is she also managed to somehow capture their spirit! So much so that their personalities come through as if they are alive and ready to speak to us the way they did. We have them hung in our bedroom so they are the last thing we see at night and the 1st thing in the morning, and it warms our hearts. So Talented! You have a true gift from God Gen!

Thank you for helping fill the void. It is a true treasure for us both!

Greta and Eric Peirce

Dana Point, CA 


Painter in Studio

Genevieve has done several commissions for me, including a portrait of Marianne (Kate Winslet) from my favorite movie. If my house were on fire and I could only save one thing, that painting is what I would grab! It is absolutely beautiful, expressive, and soulful. She also did a wonderful portrait of my husband that truly communicates who he is. I’m sure future generations will cherish it as much as we do. In that burning house scenario I will have to grab that one, too! Come to think of it, I will be in trouble because I will try to save all of the paintings she did for me!

L.J.R., CA