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W.G., CA

"Her capacity to see, feel, and capture the unique beauty of her subject matter is what makes her work extraordinary.  When I saw one portrait she had done of someone else, I was able to witness this remarkable talent.

My wife and I have never had anyone paint our portraits before but I couldn’t resist. After we met just once, I gave her a photograph of us to paint from.  Nothing else.  It is now hanging in our home and every time I walk by it, I smile and it warms my heart...She just completed a series of 4 of my wife... I love them as does my wife who usually does not love pictures of herself.

I was telling my good friend on the east coast about my new found talent and he asked me if she did dog portraits.  Genevieve said she could…and she did. From a photograph once again. My friend, after receiving the portrait, said 'she nailed it'."   
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